FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How should I prepare my files for printing?

File Formats
We accept files in EPS, PSD, TIFF, JPG, and PDF formats. Additionally, we accept digital art in native file formats from all the common design programs including Photoshop, Illustrator, In-Design, and QuarkXpress. In certain circumstances, we can work with other file formats so please call us to discuss your image files. Unfortunately we do not accept Corel, Publisher, PowerPoint or Pagemaker files. Also we do not accept low res images copied from a website.

When sending an EPS file, be sure to Create Outlines for any fonts. This helps to prevent any "missing font" issues. When sending Quark and InDesign files be sure to include all of your linked assets ( images, fonts, etc.).

Image Resolution and Quality
An image resolution of at least 75 DPI is required for photos and other similar images to achieve acceptable reproduction. The better the quality of the image you provide, the better your final product will be.

Bleed - Please allow bleed on your images as follows:
Retractable Banners - Top, Left, Right = 1/4"; Bottom = 6"
X-Type and Regular Banners - Top, Bottom, Left, Right = 1/4"

Our color management software transforms RGB color into CMYK color for printing so files in either color space is acceptable. For logos and other design elements where the best possible match is desired, please specify PantoneĀ® colors or send us color swatches.


What type of material do you use?

Our full color banners are made from 13 oz. scrim vinyl which is a nylon reinforced vinyl material. The nylon provided structural stability to the vinyl and inhibits stretching and tearing to provide an extremely durable product that also holds up outdoors.

The vinyl used in our banner stands is 12 oz. super smooth vinyl.


What if I don't have art, but I know what I want?

Contact Us online or call us today at 770-451-8565. We have a team of ta

lented designers that can put together a great product to meet your needs.

How long does it take to receive my banner?

Many products are printed and shipped within 48 hours of receipt of your approved supplied art. Turnaround times are specified on product pages, and can be up to 5 days. Depending on your location and the shipping method, banners can take up to one week to arrive after shipping. Please make sure to pick the right shipping method for your project schedule.

What is a grommet?

A grommet is a small metal ring which reinforces the holes we put in the vinyl for hanging. These rings help prevent the banner from tearing when stress is put on the hanging material.

How do I hang my vinyl banner?

This depends largely on how you will be using it. Banners can be attached to building or posts using bungee cords or rope. The better the support for your banner, the better the banner will hang straight and lay flat. Bungee cords are great for use with poles. They allow the banners to move with the wind while providing tension at the corners.

How many grommets do I need?

Determine where and how you will display your banner. If you only have the ability to hang it from the corners, order only 4 grommets with corner placement. If you are unsure, we recommend putting grommets every 2 feet on all of our banners. The better you attach the banners, the longer they will last and look.